Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy The Right Choice For You?

Are your bills mounting and you do not see a way out of debt? Are creditors contacting you? You may qualify to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for debt relief. For most people, obligations to repay debts from medical bills, credit cards, car loans and certain other debts may qualify for discharge by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Some obligations such as child support payments, judgment liens, student loans and tax debt may not be dismissed in bankruptcy; however, exceptions may apply.

Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is critical to ensure the court does not dismiss your case because of filing incomplete or inaccurate documents. Call Mitchell Law at 724-984-1991 for help with filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Making The Complex Process Of Bankruptcy Less Difficult For You

Will you lose your home? Will the bank repossess your truck? There are some assets you can keep in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing so it is important to work with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer. The attorneys at Mitchell Law provide straightforward answers to your bankruptcy questions.

While there are consequences to your credit for filing bankruptcy, the debt relief following bankruptcy may outweigh those after-effects. The bankruptcy attorneys at Mitchell Law work hard to ensure you understand the process and have the right documents in place for successfully filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can rely on the attorneys at Mitchell Law to provide guidance for matters such as:

  • Explaining your difficult circumstances
  • Identifying your living expenses
  • Gathering records of your current income
  • Describing your personal property and real estate holdings
  • Listing your debts
  • Attending mandatory credit counseling

Once an accurate inventory is completed, the bankruptcy filing can commence. Our attorneys will be alongside you every step of the way up to the completion of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Contact Mitchell Law To Discuss Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Debt Relief

The law provides relief for those who are unable to manage tough financial times. When you work hard but find that circumstances beyond your control are causing financial stress, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right option for you and your family. Call 724-984-1991 or email the firm through this website today.

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